How Long Does a Paint Correction Take?

We will go deep into paint correction in this detailed article by the seasoned pros at Washnwax Auto Detailing Garage in Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada. If you’ve ever been intrigued about the delicate aspects of this critical automobile detailing process, or if you’re thinking of doing it for your favorite vehicle, keep reading to learn everything you need.

What is Paint Correction?

Before we jump into the time aspect of paint correction, let’s begin with the fundamentals. Paint correction is a meticulous and highly skilled process to restore a vehicle’s paintwork to its optimal condition. This typically involves the elimination of imperfections such as swirl marks, scratches, water spots, and oxidation, all of which can mar the appearance of a vehicle’s exterior.

How long does it take to complete the Paint Correction process?

The duration of a paint correction job can vary significantly based on several influential factors. Here’s a breakdown of the key considerations:

Vehicle Size 

The size of the vehicle plays a pivotal role in determining the time required for paint correction. Larger vehicles, such as SUVs or trucks, demand more time and effort than smaller cars due to the extended surface area.

The extent of Damage: 

The severity of paint imperfections significantly influences the time needed for correction. Light swirl marks and minor blemishes may be quicker to address than deep scratches or extensive oxidation.

Detailer’s Expertise: 

The skill and experience of the detailer conducting the paint correction are crucial factors. A highly skilled and seasoned professional will likely complete the process more efficiently and effectively.

Additional Services:

 Additional services like ceramic coating or waxing in the detailing package will reduce the required time. These additional steps are often recommended to protect and enhance the freshly corrected paintwork.

On average, a professional paint correction job can take 4 to 10 hours or even more for extensive corrections. It’s essential to keep in mind that paint correction is a meticulous and time-intensive process. However, the remarkable results achieved in restoring your vehicle’s finish to a showroom-quality shine make the investment of time well worth it.

When should you get Paint Correction?

Paint repair is advised in the following situations:

Visible Imperfections: 

Suppose your vehicle’s paint has visible imperfections such as swirl marks, scratches, water spots, or oxidation. In that case, it is an excellent candidate for paint correction. This procedure can remove these faults and return the paint to its original condition.

Protective Coating Preparation: 

Paint correction is required before applying protective coatings such as ceramic coating. The surface is immaculate after rectifying, allowing the coating to adhere efficiently and give long-lasting protection.

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Older Vehicle Restoration: 

Older automobiles with fading or oxidized paint might benefit significantly from paint correction. It’s a rejuvenating process that can revitalize the appearance of your prized vintage or daily driving.

Enhancing Vehicle Aesthetics: 

Even if your vehicle doesn’t have severe imperfections, paint correction can enhance its overall aesthetics. It can improve the depth and clarity of the paint, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing finish.

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What types of vehicles can you do Paint Correction on?

Paint correction is a versatile process that can be applied to a wide range of vehicles, including:


Paint correction is commonly performed on cars of all sizes and makes. Whether you own a compact sedan or a luxury sports car, paint correction can enhance your vehicle’s appearance.


With their larger surface areas, they can also benefit from paint correction. The process can transform your SUV’s paint from dull to dazzling.


Trucks, ranging from compact pickups to full-size models, can undergo paint correction to revive their paintwork. This is particularly valuable for off-road enthusiasts and those who rely on their trucks for work and play.

Luxury and Exotic Cars

High-end and exotic vehicles often require the precision of paint correction to maintain their prestigious appearance. Paint correction is integral to preserving the value and allure of luxury and exotic automobiles.


Paint correction can enhance the aesthetics of motorcycles, making them look brand new. This is especially relevant for motorcycle enthusiasts who take pride in the appearance of their bikes.

In conclusion, paint correction is a meticulous process that can take several hours to complete, contingent on various factors such as the size of the vehicle, the extent of paint imperfections, the skill and experience of the detailer, and any additional services included. This process is recommended when your vehicle’s paint exhibits visible flaws or as preparation for protective coatings like ceramic coating. Paint correction is remarkably versatile, making it an ideal solution for enhancing the appearance and value of a wide range of vehicles. 

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Looking for Paint Correction services in Bedford, Nova Scotia area?

If you’re looking for services in Bedford, Nova Scotia area and contemplating paint correction or other auto detailing services, do not hesitate to contact Washnwax Auto Detailing Garage for expert assistance. With their commitment to excellence, they can transform your vehicle’s paint into a work of art, leaving you with a stunning and showroom-worthy finish that will turn heads wherever you go. For more information or to book your appointment, give Washnwax Auto Detailing Garage a call at +1 902-209-8006 or come and visit our main location at Unit 1-325 Rocky Lake Drive, Bedford NS.

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